About us

Our inspiration for the boutique was Marie Antoinette, the fashionista of Revolutionary France. From her luxurious silks to her sometimes bigger than life hair, she has always fascinated us, it was the age of glamour and glitz. We wanted to capture the luxurious sense of style, a romantic feel and alittle bit of tradition. So we shaped the colours and the decorations of the store with the mixture of the old high fashion, antique, traidional, modest reality and of course romance because that’s what it’s all about in the end.


We would be honoured to have you as our customer, friend, and representative. We have learned that every bride and bridesmaid will leave the store and become the store’s unofficial ambassador. We hope to give you an experience you will never forget. When that special day comes, we hope you will make us a part of it by giving us the honour of helping you find your dream dress.


We pledge to always be honest, trustworthy, and to provide the best customer service possible.

Our story

Bridal Boutique

Every young girl dreams of one day growing up and having her wedding day with the perfect wedding dress. I have been fortunate enough to have been immersed in the bridal industry my entire life. Ever since I was a little girl I had the opportunity to work with my mom and look at the pretty dresses, the beautiful jewelry and all the stunning girls that were picking out their perfect gown. My mother SIlvana, studied fashion design and has over 35 years of experience in the fashion and bridal industry. It was a natural progression for her to have her own bridal store, combined with her creativity and knowledge of the fashion industry we are able to provide our brides with a one of a kind experience.  Seeing and working in this industry has been a wonderful experience, and now we cannot wait to share our experience with every bride that comes in the store.

We can’t wait to meet you & to connect you to a perfect wedding dress.
Come see us & tell us your story.

What we do

Bridal Industry

Designer &

In the world of fashion, there are two differing business modes: running a brand and running a personal label. The running of a brand usually belongs to a profit-motivated registered company, while a personal label is much smaller in scale and is driven by fashion rather than profit. 

Supply Chain

In today’s market, there are two main types of fashion modes: haute couture and ready-to-wear. Haute couture refers to a designer’s exclusive creation of custom-fit clothing. It is high-end fashion, which each product constructed by hand from start to finish. 

Creation &

We believe brides should be able to confidently present their unique beauty in a resplendent yet comfortable manner. Hand in hand, we will walk you through your own personalized ordering service, supported by our wealth of experience in tailoring, fitting, dressing, and color choice. 


As witnesses to love, we believe that behind every confident sweet smile is resolute love and deep commitment. We know you deserve the magnificent joy of love, and we believe everyone deserves love, the most valuable happiness in the world.